NAÏF in the most beautiful hotels worldwide

Naïf is not only popular for in your own bathroom or shower! You can also find our care products during your summer vacation or your honeymoon in the Bahamas.

And we are proud of that! For example, we work together with smaller hotels, but also with large hotel chains, such as The Hoxton hotel. 

Through our collaboration with hotels, we introduce many people to our natural products. And fortunately the people who already use us do not have to miss us on holiday!

Skincare for the (youngest) hotel guests

Worldwide we provide the most beautiful hotels with care products. From our travel kit for the little ones to shampoo and shower gel for adults. And we are proud of that. Especially since our tubes end up in the most beautiful places on earth. Did you know that we are in the shower at in the Maldives? no joke!

Hotel collaborations

We work well with larger chains such as Four Seasons and Marriott. But we also find our collaboration with smaller boutique hotels in the hospitality industry so fun and unique. For example, you will find us at Hotel Pistace in The Hague.

The Hotels
Hotel Pistache

Luxury Suites Amsterdam
The Hotel Brussels

Hyatt Regency Chantilly
Sheraton Metechi Palace
In less than 6 years we are available in more than 170 hotels worldwide!