Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We answer them. That's how we are. If your question is not listed, please email info@naifcare.com

I see "perfume" between your ingredients. Is this a synthetic perfume?

We use an allergen-free synthetic perfume without phthalate. We hear you think: "Oh no!", But we do this because a synthetic allergen-free perfume compared to natural perfumes (think: essential oils) has a very small chance of allergic reactions.

Are your products cruelty free?

Sure! Our products are 100% cruelty-free. Since 2009, testing cosmetics on animals is no longer legally permitted within the European Union.

Are you vegan?

Oh yeah baby! Naïf's skin care contains no ingredients derived from animals.

And gluten free?

Of course. In the process of hydrolyzing the wheat protein, the gluten is lost.

Which products contain nut oil?

In the baby and children's line it is in the body lotion, oily cream and butt cream. In the adult line we use nut oil in the body lotion, scrub, hand cream, day cream and night cream. In principle, your skin does not absorb it, but we do recommend testing the product on a small area of ​​skin first. Of course this is at your own risk.

Are there any risks when using Naïf's products?

No, of course you have to use them for what they are intended. All our products are dermatologically tested, including allergens. Of course, every skin is different, so if an allergic reaction does occur, we advise you to consult your doctor. And also send an email to info@naifcare.com with a picture of the allergic reaction.

Who is Naïf for?

Our baby and children's line has been specially developed for delicate, young skin, but of course you can also use the products yourself. No problem. But admittedly: the adult line also looks great on your bathroom shelf.

How does baby skin need care products?

Baby skin generally needs little, but your baby's skin is protected in the belly by a layer of fat and amniotic fluid. Once outside the womb, this disappears, but your baby has built up a natural protective layer. Handy eh, from nature? This protective layer is also very fragile. Our products ensure that the natural protective layer is not damaged and your baby is optimally protected.

Hey, and exactly what products can I use for my new born?

In principle you can use all products from the baby line for your newborn baby. But baby skin does not need much, so we advise you to add the washing gel, shampoo and body lotion later. In the unlikely event that your baby experiences an allergic reaction or eczema, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before using any new products.

Is Naïf 100% natural?

No, not 100%. Almost. Our perfume is synthetic. And we did this consciously, because an allergen-free synthetic perfume causes the least chance of allergic reactions.

Can I use your products during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Naïf wouldn't be Naïf if it couldn't be. So yes, this is certainly possible. Especially since your skin is subject to change and it needs extra care during pregnancy.

How long can Naïf's products keep?

After opening 12 months. Closed in principle for 3 years, but the sooner you use them the better.

Can I also order gift packs from you?

Do you mean, for example, a package as a (maternity) gift? Certainly, in the category "gifts" you will find an overview of all our gift packages. You can have the package delivered to another address or to your home.

Are your packaging BPA free?

Yes, all our packaging is free from Bisphenol A and other plasticizers. We also use bioplastic, of which sugar cane is the main ingredient. You can recognize these tubes by the green "I'm Green Plastic" logo on the back of the tube.

Are there any nanoparticles in the solar products?

Naïf uses non-nano mineral filters for its sun products. Nano particles make the white haze less visible in mineral filters. Because nanoparticles are so small, they may not be able to break down in the environment. We don't want to, so no. No nanoparticles.

There is no UVB on the sunscreen packaging. How does this work?

Thanks to the new legislation, it is no longer necessary to put things that are "obvious" on the packaging. As long as it has an SPF on it, it is logical that a sunscreen or spray protects against burning of the skin by UV radiation. Protection against UVA radiation, on the other hand, is not self-evident, so we will put that on it.

Are your packaging made from recycled plastic?

No, since 2019, Naïf's packaging has been made from sugar cane, which is kinder to nature because no petroleum is used in the production process. Pay attention; these must still be thrown away with the regular plastic, so that it can be processed correctly. And don't worry, your tube won't melt in the rain 😉

What about aluminum in sunscreen, is it dangerous?

As a formula stabilizer, aluminum hydroxide is added as an ingredient in sunscreen creams with mineral UV filters. Aluminum hydroxide occurs as mineral gibbite and diaspore and is a compound with aluminum. So far there is no research showing that this ingredient can be harmful to the skin or the environment. Aluminum hydroxide is therefore not comparable to aluminum chlorohydrate in deodorant, which is known to have health risks. Nevertheless, we have chosen NOT to include this ingredient in our new sunscreen.

Do you use palm oil in your products?

Some Naïf products use ingredients (sucrose palmitate) that are derived from RSPO-certified palm oil. No valuable forest may be cut down for palm oil that has been produced under the conditions of the RSPO. Agreements about land use have been made with the local population. Employees also earn a decent salary and child labor is prohibited. More information about this at www.rspo.org.

Orders and deliveries
Will my packages still be delivered due to the Coronavirus?

Yes, your order will be delivered according to normal delivery times. According to the RIVM, the virus is not transmitted by mail or parcels. That is why you will receive your order as usual. PostNL follows the RIVM guidelines and takes hygiene measures to prevent further spread of the virus. One of the measures is that the deliverers keep a distance of 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact. Would you like to know more? Click here for more information

What are your delivery times for the webshop?

What are your delivery times for the webshop?

Okay, what if I don't order on a business day?

Then it will arrive on the next working day.

What about international shipments?

These have a longer delivery time, depending on the destination. If you still have not received the package after 5 working days, just contact us. Mail to info@naifcare.com or call 070-2210021.

What are your shipping costs?

We ship free of charge within the Netherlands. Preferably for more than 1 tube because of the environment. For orders in Belgium or Luxembourg we charge € 4.95.

And for the rest of Europe?

Then it is € 7.95, but if you order for € 50.00 or more, it is free.

Outside Europe?

Then it is € 24.95. If you order for € 200.00 or more, the shipping is free.

Orders from Spain, England and the United States

  • If you live in Spain, order via es.naifcare.com.
  • If you live in England, order via uk.naifcare.com.
  • If you live in the United States, order from us.naifcare.com.

Can I also order by e-mail or telephone?

Yep! You can order via info@naifcare.com or just call +31 70 2210021. You will then receive the invoice by e-mail. After receiving your payment, we will send you the products.

Can I also order by e-mail or by phone?

If you ordered online, your order can no longer be canceled. If you are not 100% satisfied with our products after your purchase, you can return or exchange it within 20 days (return costs for your own account). Mail to info@naifcare.com or call +31 70 2210021. Of course we will look together for a suitable solution. That's how we are.

If you have bought our products in one of our points of sale, the return policy of the point of sale applies.

What are your selling points?

Check out our store locator for a point of sale near you. And otherwise you just order online.

How can I pay in your webshop?

You can pay with: IDEAL, credit card, PayPal and Mister Cash.