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Hooray! Our B Corp score went from 89.4 to 111.9!

20 December 2023


Exciting news! After hard work and lots of improvements Naïf received their B Corp recertification. We have been putting in quite the work these past years to use our company as a force for good and to make a positive impact. And good news: hard work pays off. Our B Corp score went from 89.4 to 111.9. Want to know what steps we have taken and how we are shaking up the industry? Keep reading!

You might wonder: what is a B Corp? Well, a B Corp, or Benefit Corporation, is an official certificate for commercial companies that make a positive impact on society and the planet. Not just the products, but also our non-profit activities are being taken into account in issuing the certificate. We get scored on these five  pillars: workers, community, governance, environment and customers. And with pride we can share that we improved on all of them!

All pillars get their own score through a point system which then makes up the overall B Corp score. In total you need 80 points to get the B Corp certificate. Our previous score was 89,4, and now, three years later, we improved this to a score of 111,9! Wow!

We already shared a lot of our hard work in our impact report. Here you could read how we have been working on improving our products to reduce our ecological footprint. Last week we said goodbye to our shower foam, because we realised it was our least sustainable product. But that is not all! We believe it is a continuous process of learning and improving and we aim to be as transparent as possible about it. Are you ready? Because we love to tell you about more improvements over the years.

1. Workers

Employees are super important, because without them we can’t change the industry. Our team grew massively in the last years and is filled with people who truly believe in Naïf’s mission. We are super grateful for this! They take care of the company, and as a company we take care of them in return. Good care is really in our core. Because we grew so much we put everything we do for each other in writing, so everyone can see! Think about inspiration sessions about impact and investing in (personal) development of our workers through different training sessions.

2. Community

Our mission has always been to help all parents take good care, worry free. We have made this into a formal commitment now! And we also have gotten even more selective about collaborations. Our partners are chosen with care and need to really fit our mission.

3. Governance

Reducing our impact on the planet has always been Naïf’s goal, and now we have all committed to this mission by incorporating impact into our personal goals. This means that everyone is consciously doing their best to reduce our impact!

4. Environment

That we are trying to minimise our impact on the environment is nothing new to you right. But what have we actually done? In our impact report we have examined the emissions of all our products. These insights have been taken into account in all our future plans. We stopped producing our shower foams, because the packaging had more negative impact than we had foreseen.

5. Customers

Our customers (that's you!) are important. The products you love are made with you, your baby and your baby’s baby in mind. To help our customers to the best of our ability we have installed a special tool to help us put you in the centre!

We are super proud of our hard work, but we are not there yet! We’re constantly working on improving ourselves and our products. Want to know more about our mission and our goals, you can read everything about this in our impact report.

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