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Taking care of the next generation. Not only with products that are kind to the skin, but also to the planet. To give every child a good start from birth onwards, we work together with 20 hospitals in the Netherlands. Naïf's natural care products are developed for the most sensitive baby skin. That's why our products are used in the maternity wards of the OLVG, Jeroen Bosch Hospital and LUMC, among others.

We also think about the mother, who can enjoy natural shower products and creams. It is our mission to change the world of personal care. It begins with the very start of every child, who is born naive by nature.

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Used and recommended by experts and doctors

From the start of Naïf, we have enjoyed working with hospitals. Both local and academic. Not only because this is a great way for us to introduce people to our products, but also because we highly value the opinions of doctors and nurses who work with our products.

You can find Naïf at...

Groene Hart Hospital, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Gelre Hospital, CWZ Nijmegen, Rijnstate Arnhem, St. Antonius Utrecht, LUMC, Hospital Amstelland, Dijklander Hospital, Radboud, OLVG, Catherina Hospital, Wilhelmina Hospital Assen, Basalt Rehabilitation, STG Zuyderland Medical Centre, Spaarne Hospital, AMC, HMC Mother Child Centre, Bravis en Jeroen Pit Home.

Skincare for the smallest ones

Naïf care products are used in maternity wards in more than 10 hospitals in the Netherlands, when mother and child have to stay in the ward for more than one day. The products are used for the first bath or a small baby massage as a bonding moment.

Did you know that... Baby skin is 15 times thinner than adult skin? That is why we strive for Good Care Worry Free, to protect young skin and contribute to the natural development of sensitive baby skin.

Skincare for the smallest ones