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Taking care of the next generation

Care products should not only be skin friendly, but also planet friendly. To ensure that every child gets a good start from birth, Naïf works together with over 500 daycares in The Netherlands.

All Naïf products are carefully made for even the most sensitive skin. That is why our products are being used at daycares like Partou, Koningskinderen, Zo kinderdagverblijven and many more! From zinc cream to take care of diaper rash, to our plastic free baby wipes. All our products are dermatologically tested, with 0% microplastics and mineral oils.

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Future Happy Activists

Kids are the future, even though the future does not always look so bright. That is why it is important to begin implementing good habits already with the littlest ones. Did you know that one child needs up to 14.000 wipes before they are potty trained? Which makes plastic wipes (one pack of wipes contains almost two PET-bottles of plastic!) one of the biggest source of single use plastic.

Additionally, 9 out of 10 care products and 77% of babycare contains microplastics. Yes, even those for the littlest ones! And that while microplastics are now found in over 80% of human bodies and even in the placenta's of pregnant women.

To tackle the issue en ensuring our little ones a healthy future on a healthy planet it is important to start with them. Because how great would it be for these Happy Activists to change the future and make the earth a bit cleaner, while still enjoying good care.

Future Happy Activists

Made from plants, not plastic

Naïf baby wipes are made from eucalyptus fibre in stead of plastic. Thus, biodegradable and a sustainable alternative. Did you know a child uses an average of 14.000 wipes until they are potty trained? That makes plastic wipes one of the biggest sources of single use plastic found on riverbanks and in the ocean. Our wipes are perfume and alcohol free, great for the sensitive baby skin. After use you can throw them in the general waste bin and after 8 weeks they will be gone (just to compare with plastic: it takes 450 years before they are gone)

Made from plants, not plastic

Since 2022 we collaborate with one of the biggest daycares of The Netherlands: Partou.