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Good care, worry-free - changing the world of personal care

The mission of Naïf is to change the world of personal care. 9 out of 10 personal care products contain microplastics. That needs to change. We’re changing all personal care into good care. That means: no microplastics, no SLES and no mineral oils. We believe in it! Changing the world by staying naive. Naïf? Yes we are!

Our impact

Lots is wrong with the world of personal care: showergels filled to the brim with microplastics, sunscreens with harmful UV-filters, creams with petroleum and shampoos with SLES (foaming agent). Not necessary, we think! And so, this needs to change: good care for the entire family, with as little impact on the planet as possible. To make sure our products are not only good for your baby, but also for the baby of the baby of your baby. That’s how we change the world of personal care.

We believe companies have a responsibility, and the profit and impact are not just a possible combination, but a necessary one (we are a B-Corp!). That’s why we constantly adapt and improve our products to minimize our impact. Our dream? Climate neutral and plastic-free products. Baby step by baby step. But where are we now? Good question! We have made our steps as concrete and transparent as possible. This way, everyone can track where we are, what progress we’ve made, and where we are going.

Our impact

Good care, worry free: what do we mean with that?

We want to take as good care as possible of you ánd your skin.

We can promise you one thing: we will never sell you anything we wouldn’t use on our own kids. That means we consciously chose to avoid certain ingredients that are a potential risk to our health or have negative effects. That’s why all our products are free from microplastics, without SLES and are made with at least 92% natural ingredients. When possible, we will always choose the natural alternative. We will always be honest and we will never make any wrong claims. To make the world of personal care a little more transparent. Difficult words don’t moisturize!

A detailed list of all our ingredients and an explanation of why we make the choices we do can be found here.

We want to take as good care as possible of our planet

Everything we make, has an impact. Taking care of the future generation, means taking care of the world they grow up in. That’s we try to do everything we do, as sustainable as possible. To minimize our impact. To make this a little more concrete, we’ve formulated three sustainable goals. Scroll down to read about these goals. 

We want to take as good care as possible of our planet

Good sunscreen can be seen!

We've been working hard on improving our sunscreen so that is not only good for the skin, but also less harmful for the environment

Taking good care of the world means taking good care of the ocean. The ocean is actually some sort of unprecedented superpower: it absorbs 99 percent of global warming. So the ocean plays a key role in fighting the climate crisis.

Every year 14.000 tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean. More than three-quarters of the sunscreens sold in the Netherlands contain a chemical filter. Some of these chemical UV-filters are proven to damage the coral.

As Naïf wanted to change this. We launched our first mineral sunscreen in 2016, with a mineral filter based on zinc oxide (non-nano). In 2022 we launched our first sun lotion (besides our creams) and added a perfume-free option to our range.

In the Netherland only 2 percent of the sold sunscreens had a mineral filter in 2022. Most of this was actually ours; we are now one of the biggest mineral sunscreens in the Netherlands - and there's still a lot to do to protect the coral reef and your skin.

Impact Report

Exciting news alert! Our very first impact report is out and the results are in: We're making small but meaningful steps towards transforming the personal care industry, together with you! We're firm believers in transparency as the key to progress, which is why we measure our impact and share both our successes and challenges with you. Our report is chock-full of insights that prove our approach is working. We're determined to set a new standard for our industry. This report shows that we're well on our way and we've couldn't done it without you! Keep reading for all the details.

Impact Report

Naïf’s Sustainable Goals

  1. We want to minimize our ecological footprint

We do this in a number of ways:

Minimize our CO2 footprint

We believe that sustainability is the only future. In the fight against climate change, we strive to be a sustainable company with as little CO2 emissions possible. In all areas of our business and also in those of are partners. From production, to shipping. 

Environmental-friendly packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest challenges within the personal care industry. We’re constantly working on improving this. We do this in collaboration with our producers, but also with other B-crops in a special workgroup that is focussed on the pack of the future. What this means?

  • We will always try to pick the best alternative for (virgin) plastic: at this moment, all our tubes are made from bioplastic, derived from sugarcane. At the time, this was the best alternative, but in the near future we will switch to recycled plastic.

  • Minimize (unnecessary) packing material. This means avoiding unnecessary boxes around our tubes, but also the introduction of our refillable packs. One of these refillable packs saves 5 tubes from being made!

  • We will avoid plastic, whenever possible, as much as possible in our chain. This can be plastic that is used for shipping, in logistics or at our office. 

Protect the biodiversity

Everything we do, has an impact on the environment. By making conscious choices about what we do and do not use in our products, we hope to minimize this impact. That’s why we choose or do not choose to use the following ingredients:

  • Natural ingredients: our products are made from at leat 92% ingredients with a natural origin.

  • No microplastics: none of our products contain microplastics. microplastic aid in the plastic soup in our oceans. About 2 percent of all plastic in the sea comes from microplastics originating from personal care products. We choose to leave microplastics out of all our products

  • Coral-friendly UV filters: our mineral filters do not contain oxybenzone or oxinoxate like some chemical UV-filters. These substances can affect the coral and that’s why we do not use them in our sunscreen products.

  • As little water as possible: water is incredibly important. We minimize the use of water during in production

We know how confusing it can be to decide which ingredient you should or shouldn’t use. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to decipher the list of ingredients. That needs to change. That is why we have compiled a list of ingredients that we do and do not use - and why!. Plus, we’ve also listed the claims that we purposely do not make (anymore). All to make sure you can shop more naively. 

2. We want to be lead the change & inspire

A better world starts with yourself. And so, we want to show others we can and should do better. By creating awareness with both consumers and other companies within our industry, we hope to change the world of personal care. 

3. We want to help families

Our motto is good care, worry-free. That means we want to help families. All families. Starting of course by making good personal care products, but that is not enough. We believe that kids are the future and we should take care of the future generation, whatever it takes. To do so, we invest in this generation through sponsorships and education.