Naïf in hotels


Naïf is not only popular in people's bathroom or shower at home. Our care products can also be found on your holiday, or maybe even on your honeymoon (yes, it's possible!). And we are proud of that. We work together with smaller hotels but also with larger hotel chains, such as The Hoxton.

Through our collaboration with hotels, we introduce many people to our natural products. And the people who already use us don't have to miss us on holiday! It also saves you luggage space, since you don't have to take it with you if it's already there.

An extra gift during your stay

From the start of Naïf, we have enjoyed working with hotels. Why do we do so? Because it's nice to know that Natural Skincare, and therefore Good Care, is thought of while being away. Not only for yourself, but also for the little ones. Worry Free for a night away. And how nice that a Mini Set or Travel Kit is waiting in the room. A pleasant surprise for the little guest.

An extra gift during your stay

Skincare for the (smallest) hotel guests

We supply the finest hotels around the world with natural skin care products. From our Travel Kit for the little ones to shampoo and showergel for adults. Not only will you enjoy your trip, our plastic-free tubes will also see something of the world. Did you know that we are in the shower at Maamunagau Resort in the Maldives? No joke.

Hotel collaborations

We collaborate with larger chains such as Four Seasons and Marriott. But we value our collaborations with smaller boutique hotels just as much. For example, you can find us at Hotel Pistache in The Hague.