It's time for a change

Wiping babybums is a dirty business. But did you know a lot of babywipes are made out of plastic? Yes, really! At Naïf we think thát is a dirty business. On average you need 14,000 wipes per child which means a lot of plastic might end up in nature. That's why it is time for a change! Naïf wipes are plastic free. Because changing without worry shouldn't be naive.

Read more about our contributions to a planet with less plastic, and how you can help achieve it.

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Baby poo and a lot of Plastic Soup

As a new parent you use on average 1800 diapers (Luierinfo). If you think about the fact that you use about 2 baby wipes per diaper and you do that for approximately 4 year, that is almost 14,000 wipes per kid. Crap!

This leads to about 275 kilograms of diaper waste per year, per child. According to the WWF 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year, of which 50% is single-use plastic. Baby wipes are part of that category too.

One regular pack of baby wipes contains about 58 grams of plastic. That is equal to 1.7 PET bottles. It might become more clear now what the impact is on the planet. Naïfs Plastic Free Baby Wipes do not contain plastic, since they are made from wood fibers instead. The packaging is made from bioplastic out of sugar cane. Through this we hope to contribute to a planet with less single use plastic. Please do throw the wipes in the residual waste and not in the loo.

Baby poo and a lot of Plastic Soup

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