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Bye bye shower foam

12 December 2023

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At Naïf we believe it is important to stay critical, also when it comes to ourselves. And if we then find out that one of our products doesn't fit our mission quite as we hoped it would, we have to be honest to ourselves. And to you! A better world starts with ourselves right? That why we say bye bye to our shower foams soon.

Sometimes we make a product with the best intentions. Our shower foam is made with natural ingredients, without microplastics and has four different (equally nice smelling) fragrances, It takes gentle care of the skin and gives you the feeling that you are enjoying a spa at home in the shower. But guess what? The packaging of our foams is not really sustainable. And yeah, that's just not us.

In 2022 27% of our CO2 emissions were due to packaging. And that aluminium shower foam package appears to have the biggest impact on our environment. You need a lot of energy to produce aluminium and extraction of the raw material that is necessary to make aluminium (bauxite) is very polluting. Other than that aluminium can also not be recycled very easily. And to get the foaming effect we also need to add gasses to the packaging, which also has quite a CO2 footprint to it.

In the image below you can see the CO2 footprint of different packaging materials.

As you can image we have decided, already a while ago, to stop producing our shower foam. But the time has come that we are running out of our current stock. So, before they are completely sold out, we want to give you one last opportunity to get you favorite foam(s)! Make sure you don't miss out!

Because we want to help all parents, we donated part of our remaining stock to organizations that support families that can use a little extra help, like Ace Fitzgerald, FRIS Amsterdam, Omgekeerde Supermarkt and Because We Carry.

And.. no worries. Behind the scenes we are working on a new and environmentally friendly alternative for you. And by the way, did you know our Bath Foam and Wash Gel for baby's and kids are also fine to be used by adults? The mild Naïf scent is suitable for all ages.

Want to know more about the impact of our products and our mission to strive for a better and cleaner world? Download our impact report below.

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