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It’s important to protect yourself against the sun. This goes beyond sunscreen! Together with Huidfonds, a Dutch foundation that is committed to helping people with all sorts of skin conditions, we want to create more awareness about the importance of sun protection. Discover more about our message and our sunscreen.

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What’s the deal with UV filters?

UV filters are traditionally divided into two different kinds: mineral and chemical. We prefer to call them mineral and non-mineral. What’s the difference? Mineral filters are derived from natural ingredients, like zinc oxide, and add a protective layer on top of the skin which offers immediate protection. A non-mineral filter is lab-made. These UV filters penetrate the skin which results in a chemical reaction after which you are protected. It usually takes 20-30 minutes before these UV filters offer protection.

Naïf mineral sunscreen has a non nano zinc oxide based UV filter. Immediate protection it is!

What’s the deal with UV filters?

Sun care

Shadow, sleeves, sunscreen

Sunscreen helps with protecting against sunburn, but sunscreen alone is not enough. There are many other ways you can and should protect yourself and your family* against the harmful effects of the sun: shadow, sleeves, sunscreen.

What does it mean? Well, actually it means exactly what you would think it means. It’s important to also spend time away from the sun: go for the shade on a regular basis! Additionally you want to put on clothing to protect your skin from immediate contact with the sun, so put some clothes on when you’re outside. Better yet: invest in some good UV clothing. Yeah, it exists! And of course it is also important to use a good sunscreen with high SPF. Shadow, sleeves and sunscreen it is! Make sure you use your sunscreen as advised: a nice and thick layer, every two hours and after swimming or lots of sweating. And.. zinc oxide and the sun can make your skin a little dry, so don’t forget to soothe your skin with a hydrating after sun, after a day in the sun. Your skin will thank you ;).

*We advise keeping babies out of the sun completely.

Shadow, sleeves, sunscreen

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