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Care for your skin and hair with the personal care products from Naïf. With ingredients of natural origins, like linseed oil and shea butter. Suitable for all skin and hair and of course without microplastics, SLES and mineral oil. Care for yourself.

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Personal care without micro plastics

Taking care and treating yourself is part of your selfcare routine. But preferably you do that without using microplastics. Did you know that in regular skincare products microplastics are very often used? For example, a non-natural scrub contains about 100,000 particles microplastics.

We like to stay away from those, since it is neither good for the skin or the planet. Microplastics cannot be filtered and therefore can enter the ocean and nature. This is why all our products do not contain microplastics, SLES and mineral oils. Healthy skin is here, plastic is not.

Personal care without micro plastics

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