Tips for baby acne

27 May 2021


Puistjes op het gezicht van je baby? Ja het kan. Ook baby's kunnen last krijgen van acne. Dit wordt vaak veroorzaakt door hormonen. Vele moeders denken dat het door borstvoeding komt, maar het begint al vaak in de baarmoeder.

Pimples on your baby's face?

Yes, it is possible. Babies can also suffer from acne. This is often caused by hormones. Many moms think it's caused by breastfeeding, but it often starts in the womb.

The hormones that are passed on through the umbilical cord remain present in your baby for a while after birth. As with adults, pimples are caused by the accumulation of extra sebum. This causes the pores to become clogged. Baby acne does not necessarily occur immediately after birth. Your baby may suffer from it for up to four weeks after giving birth.

In addition to normal baby acne, there is another type of acne: Erythema toxicum neonatorum, also known as ETN. With ETN, the bumps tend to be light yellow or white and feel more solid. Unfortunately, there is no specific cause for this type of acne. What we do know is that ETN is just as harmless as baby acne and usually disappears within a week. With baby acne, it is not recommended to apply greasy creams. This will cause even more clogging of the skin. In this case, patience is literally a virtue.

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