Sun protection

Hooray! Our 2024 sunscreen formula passed all its SPF tests!

19 March 2024

Applying sunscreen

Sunscreen and SPF (Sun Protection Factor), yeah those two are pretty connected. Why? Because SPF shows you how well you are protected against harmful UV rays. As you can imagine it’s important that the number promised is also correct. Every year we let our sunscreen be tested in an independent laboratory and we are happy to announce that all our sunscreen products have passed their tests!

Mineral sunscreen

By now you know that we make mineral sunscreen. A conscious choice with some challenges (think about white cast or thickness). For years we’ve been working hard on improving our formula, so it becomes easier to use every year. Although mineral sunscreen with a zinc oxide based UV filter is pretty common in other countries, the Dutch market still offers mostly sunscreen with non-mineral (better known as chemical) UV filters. Curious about the differences between mineral and non-mineral UV-filters? We tell you more about it in this blog.

UV filter

A zinc oxide based UV filter adds a protective layer on top of the skin, which reflects UV radiation (here you can read how UV filters work). This offers immediate protection, without a waiting period. To be sure we usually add a little bit more zinc oxide than necessary for great protection. In our adjusted formula we also added an extra booster, to guarantee protection. Our sunscreen already contained a booster made out of pongamia seeds and our newest booster is made of a new generation non-mineral UV filter: bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol-Methoxyphenyl Triazine. Does not penetrate the skin and based on our current research, there are no documented effects on marine life due to this ingredient.

Lab test

And then what? The amount of zinc oxide in a mineral sunscreen is a good indication of its protective properties, but we obviously let our products get tested intensively before we bring them onto the market. We do this at Helioscience, an independent laboratory which specialises in mineral sunscreen.

Read all about how our products are tested

Test results

We love honesty and transparency. You kind of have to when you want to change the personal care industry, right? Because let’s be honest, improvement is necessary. Last year we promised we would share all the test results of our sunscreen with you, just so you know what you’re putting onto your skin. And because the full report might be a little complicated to read, we’ve collected the most important information for you, the SPF. Below you can find the scores of all our products!

Mineral Sunscreen Cream 0% parfum SPF50 for Baby & Kids

SPF 57.6

Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF50 for Baby & Kids

SPF 54.5

Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF50 for Families

SPF 55.5

Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF30 for Families

SPF 32.3

Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF50 0% parfum for Baby & Kids

SPF 53.8

Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF50 for Baby & Kids

SPF 52.3

Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF50 for Families

SPF 53.1

Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF30 for Families

SPF 31.9

Want to know more? You can see the full report below, no problem.

Note: test results may slightly fluctuate based on the method of testing.