Which cream is good for dry baby skin?

02 February 2024


Oh, that baby skin. So soft. Right? Sometimes that soft baby skin can make place for scaly skin, red and chapped spots, or eczema. Ouch! No one is happy with that, of course. The weather, changing temperatures or long baths can be the cause. It can also simply be genetic. Baby skin is sensitive, so a mild treatment is best. With the right care, your child will be rid of that itchy skin in no time. What should you pay attention to when choosing care for very dry skin? We give tips.

How does dry baby skin develop?

The cause of dry skin can vary, but in all cases it is that the skin's natural fat barrier is disturbed or originally less well constructed and as a result your mini gets dry skin. And it can be triggered by wind, sun, changing temperatures, long baths or it can simply be genetic. A young skin can produce less sebum and fat under these circumstances. The result of less grease on the skin is that the natural protective layer of the skin is shrunk to a minimum, or sometimes even disappeared completely, which then results in a scaly skin.

Tips for taking care of dry skin

  1. Keep the spots extra greasy with a good ointment or balm based on natural oils, especially if you go outside. Dry skin is less oily, and less oily means less protection. Naïf's Baby balm gives the skin an extra layer of protection. Apply daily and your child will be fine. 

  2. You want to get rid of chapped cheeks as soon as possible. And honestly, you don't necessarily need a nice fragrance to do that. You want to keep a dry skin well oiled and protect the skin and just cool red irritation. Perfume is then best avoided. Psst... Do you know our perfume-free range yet?

  3. Do you have a baby? Then use the Nurturing Cream right after bathing for the whole body. Is your child a little older, then you can use the Nurturing Cream on the face and cheeks and on dry spots and eczema. Preferably apply the cream on skin that is still a bit moist. In this way the product is better absorbed by the skin. 

Extra tips

  1. Use a mild soap or even better a Mild Bath Oil. Water and soap can dry out the skin. To prevent dry skin after bathing, it is also good to limit bath time and not use too hot water. Bathing too long and too hot dries out the skin.

  2. So don't bathe for too long. A 5-10 minute bath is long enough for a baby. The longer you bathe, the softer the skin becomes and the easier it can be damaged. The PH value of water is different than that of the skin, so water always brings the skin into imbalance, which is why you should use an oil during the bath or nourish it well afterwards. 

  3. After bathing, dress your child in comfortable clothing made of soft fabrics, such as silk and satin. Avoid wearing wool directly on the skin, as it irritates bare skin. Natural materials such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo or hemp are comfortable to wear too. 

Everything to keep the skin hydrated

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