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Naïf year review: thank you for a great 2023!

24 December 2023

naif year review

December is the month for reflection. We are looking forward to work on our goals for the new year, but not before we’ve looked back at the highlights of 2023. Because we love to celebrate! Naïf look back at the year with great pride and joy and we want to share this with you. These are our highlights, thanks for the ride!

1. We cycled 400 kilometres to visit seven children’s hospitals during our Tour de Smile. This tour took us from Rotterdam to Groningen to raise money for the Kinderziekenhuizen van Oranje. And what a success it was, because we raised 35.000 euros in total!

2. By choosing our plastic free baby wipes we saved the plastic equivalent of 2.5 million PET bottles! This is all thanks to you!

3. Our plastic free wipes are also a favourite amongst our Naïf family. Followed by our Shampoo, Wash Gel and Bath Foam!

4. We launched some new products in 2023. Not only an additional lotion wipe to expand our wipes assortment, but also some new refill versions of the products you love. Less plastic means less impact and that makes us happy!

5. Our mission is to help all parents take good care and that is why we donated 7.500 Naïf products to causes who commit to this same mission, like Ace Fitzgerald, FRIS Amsterdam, Omgekeerde Supermarkt and Because We Carry.

6. No more microplastics! Obviously not in our products, but this year the ban on microplastics went into practice. Together with other brands we worked hard to realise this! And although we think it could be a little more strict, this current ban is a first step to change the cosmetics industry.

7. The whole Naïf team went to Texel. We cycled through rain and wind and connected on a whole new level as a team, so we can continue to work together and do and create more great things in 2024.

And finally, we want to thank you, because we couldn’t have done any of these things without your support! The Naïf team wants to wish you a Happy Holidays. Let’s make 2024 a great and worry free year!