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The skincare routine with natural ingredients: it can be this easy!

06 March 2021

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A skincare routine with natural ingredients; that is what you want. Why? To keep your face clean in all ways. You want to cleanse, treat, but also handle your skin safely. That means: no bad stuff, you want good ingredients that keep your skin clean. What this skincare routine looks like, you can read here.

1. Scrub

Naïf's Circular Face Scrub results in cleansed skin and contributes to a better world. This face scrub is the first product to use lime grains. Gentle on the skin and kind to the environment.

The Circular Face Scrub cleanses your skin and removes dead skin cells. It is a gentle scrub with very fine lime grains. Amsterdam's drinking water is made from surface and groundwater. To make this water drinkable, Waternet purifies it. In the process calcite is extracted from the water. Via AquaMinerals calcite finds its way to several companies for a sustainable application. When the calcite goes down the drain again, the grains are filtered out of the water again. A circular process.

We are often asked how often you can exfoliate. Depends on how mild your face scrub is, but more often than 1-2 times a week is not necessary. You exfoliate in the shower or after removing your makeup, to support healthy skin in the cleansing process.

2. Cleanse

Your face endures quite a bit during the day, both visible and invisible. Not only from makeup, but also free radicals like smoke, air pollution and bacteria from your hands. That is why it is important to take the time to cleanse your face in the evening. With the Naïf Plastic Free Cleansing Wipes you remove makeup and dirt on the surface of the skin. You can also use them to remove mascara and other eye makeup, just a bit more convenient than using a face wash.

Always cleanse your skin with a cleanser. Naïf's face wash is designed to cleanse the skin more intensively as the natural oils are absorbed into the skin and pores. This prevents that 'tight' feeling after cleansing your skin and nourishes your healthy skin right back. The Moisturizing Cleanser has sunflower oil as its base, you don't need that toner anymore! Use a cotton pad without water and always rinse with lukewarm water. Not too warm, because that dries out your skin. And (very important) pat your skin dry. Never rub! Do you have dry skin? Then once a day cleansing is enough and you will have a healthy skin again in no time.

3. Hydratate

Naïf's Nurturing Day Cream contains a natural tomato-based SPF. This is similar to SPF6, so when the sun is shining brightly, you should always top it up with sunscreen. Do you use sunscreen with a chemical UV filter? Then apply this before your day cream. Do you use a mineral UV filter? Then you can apply it on top of your day cream. In addition, pay attention to the ingredients of your day cream. For example, we choose a base of avocado oil instead of a mineral oil, because a mineral oil can cause your skin to get used to the product (the so-called 'lip balm' effect).

4. Repair

After cleansing your skin, you can support it with a moisturizing night cream. After all, at night your skin is busy repairing itself, a little help can't hurt. In comparison with a day cream, night cream contains more ingredients that restore the moisture balance and retain the moisture in your skin, such as glycerine.