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Every day we work to be as natural as possible in everything we say and do. With natural ingredients, packaging and products. All so that you can maintain a radiant and healthy skin! And no, we're not kidding. We take your skin and protecting it very seriously.

Your natural beauty is our inspiration. From dry to oily skin - from short hair to wild curls. Our natural products are for everyone and every body!

Curious about what Naïf can do for your skin?


Natural ingredients for healthy skin

To ensure that you can be your most natural self, we only use ingredients that deliver what they promise. Such as avocado oil, tomatoes, rosemary and sweet almonds. As much as possible from the Netherlands of course. They care for, cleanse and make you glow. Difficult words don't moisturize ...

Natural Stories

Discover the latest product reviews and natural beauty blogs! You can also go to our stories for eco-lifestyle this and that!

And let's not forget the Naïf Beauty Babes! Wait..who?

Yeah, didn't you know?

The Naïf Beauty Babes are the real connoisseurs. With these Naïf Superwomen you can go for full-proof skin care routines, sustainable shopping tips and lifestyle goals! What more do you need?

In other words, Naïf Natural Stories is the place to be for today's modern, conscious woman.

Meet the Naïf Beauty Babes!

(Top left) @ letstalkslow
(Top right) @ Dappermaentje
(Bottom left) @ Bartsboekje < br> (Bottom right) @ when_sara_smiles

Natural lifestyle

Whether you pursue a vegan, plastic-free or zero waste lifestyle, Naïf's natural care products look good in every bathroom. Of course we take it seriously when it comes to natural ingredients, natural packaging, but also for tips for a plastic-free, natural bathroom, natural recipes (skin food!), Sustainable hotspots, reading inspiration and more, you can contact Naïf.

Your natural grooming routine (3 steps)

Do you know what you flush down the shower drain every day? Just like brushing your teeth, you clean your skin every day. With a natural care routine you make a difference every day. For example, the scrub granules in our Circular Face Scrub are made from calcite from Amsterdam drinking water, the day cream contains a natural SPF and you nourish your skin with shea butter in the restorative night cream cleanse your skin with linseed oil in the Naïf Cleanser. We have put together the best products for you in the Naïf Face Kit. Our goal is to make your grooming routine as sustainable and natural as possible!

Naïf Circular Face Scrub € 14, 95

Really great for my skin. No strange reactions as I have with many products. Everything pure nature. Super loyal fan and user from now on. Never no other brand again!

- Annemarie