Naïf's natural hair care

Find out everything you need to know about our shampoo and conditioner, the natural hair care product for the whole family.

For every hair type

Without parabens

No foaming agents

Healthy hair and scalp

Naïf's hair care cleans your hair and contains only clean ingredients. The natural formula gives your hair shine and cares for your scalp. Whether our shampoo is suitable for your hair? Just wait until you see it shine, then you know for sure. This hair care is suitable for all hair types, from oily or dry to colored and brittle hair.

Natural ingredients

In addition to water as a basic ingredient, we use dried coconut fibers and fatty acids from coconut oil for a mild foaming effect of the shampoo. To make your hair shine and care, we have added linseed, which contains an enormous amount of Omega 3 fatty acids. And preservatives? They are all natural anyway. Think of salt, for example.

Good to know

Tucking in your hair in the shower, foam parties in the shower - the more foam, the cleaner. Sorry to burst your bubble . It is best to avoid hair care products that contain harsh foaming agents (aka SLS).

What is SLS? This is a chemical that is often used in shampoo, shower gel, soap, but also in all-purpose cleaner and ensures that liquids foam nicely. Less fun for the scalp, because the chemicals cause the scalp to dry out and hair glands start to produce a lot of sebum to restore things.

Naïf's shampoo does not contain these foaming agents. A natural shampoo foams less and nourishes your hair with natural oils. You will have to get used to it and your hair may get a bit greasier in the beginning. Give it about two weeks and your hair and scalp will thank you. Need more tips?