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Why you shouldn't use your day cream as a night cream

Is it really necessary to use two different creams? Day creams, night creams, creams are just creams, right? Not so! Your skin is a complex organ. It is smarter than you think and works according to our biological clock. That is why your skin needs different ingredients at certain times.

Protection mode

During the day, the skin tries to protect itself from many external harmful influences, such as air conditioning, exhaust fumes, temperature, outside air and UV rays. Your skin is then in protection mode.

Repair work

At night, the skin is in repair mode. It is producing new cells faster, circulating oxygen and nutrients to ensure you can look good, healthy and radiant in the morning.

The difference

That means the cream you apply in the morning helps protect your skin. A day cream therefore often contains a sunscreen and antioxidants such as vitamin E or C. You do not necessarily need these at night. A night cream actually helps to repair skin damage and is therefore richer in nutrients. It often contains caring, nourishing and moisturising ingredients. A slightly thicker layer can therefore certainly do no harm. So in the end, it does make sense to use two different creams. Our day cream and night cream do all this without any chemical clutter.