Beat the Microbead! Plastic in cosmetics ends up in the ocean

Beat the Microbead! Plastic in cosmetica belandt in de oceaan

Posted on October 29 2020

Did you know that there are microplastics, microbeads and nanoplastics in many of your beauty products? Not cool! The plastic that goes down your water drain fills the ocean, ends up in our drinking water and are eaten by animals. It is not biodegradable, so it lasts forever. Next to not using plastic bags in the supermarket anymore, you can also check the products in your bathroom. And we'll help you with that! 

So how's your plastic use? Do you pay attention to what you're consuming? Plastic Soup Foundation has developed an app for that: Beat the Microbead. By making you more aware of your choices, Beat the Microbead helps to put an end to microplastics in many products you use on a daily basis.

These microplastics, which you can hardly see with the naked eye, can end up in the sewage system through our shower drain. They are so tiny that they can slip through the filters of water treatment plants and end up in rivers and oceans. And so they contribute to the growth of the plastic soup. Animals can eat the microplastics and through the food chain, they'll end up on your plate. To give you an idea: per portion of mussels, you'll eat an average of ninety pieces of microplastic. Say what?!

Since 2012 the Plastic Soup Foundation runs the campaign Beat the Microbead. The goal is to prevent microplastics in care products ending up in the environment. They encourage producers to remove (micro)plastics from their products and ask you not to use microplastic products anymore. Source: Plastic Soup Foundation.

So how does it work?

The Beat the Microbead app is a simple way to find out which products contain microplastics. With the app you can scan the list of ingredients of your products. Make sure the whole list is visible in the frame and take a picture. The app analyzes your product and within a second you know if it contains microplastics. Simple as that. This is the digital step towards making more sustainable choices!

And the products of Naïf?

Plastic-free brands get the Zero Plastic Inside logo and declare that the products are completely free of microplastics. Naïf also got the Zero Plastic Inside certificate. With all new care products from Naïf, you'll get a green screen in the app. Woohoo!

More good news: Naïf is the world's very first Beauty Angel of Plastic Soup Foundation! As Beauty Angel, we fully support Plastic Soup Foundation's mission to stop the pollution of the ocean. And we are very proud of that!

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